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Zhuzhou I & H Indurstrial Equipment co,Ltd.
At the beginning of this century, in the south of China's industrial city of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, Xiangjiang River, brought together a group of embrace the patriotic business aspirations of the P Plus talent, condensed into a vibrant and dynamic team, in the land of Jiangnan created a new joint-stock private enterprises
Company's main business includes: industrial non-standard equipment and industrial furnace design, manufacture, sales; carbide equipment and powder metallurgy equipment design, manufacture, sales; mechanical products, electrical instrument manufacturing, sales; mechanical and electrical equipment installation And maintenance...

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ADD:Zhongnan metal Big market, NO.1,Tiedonglu shifeng District,Zhuzhou City,China
Tel: +86-0731-28314769
Cel: +86-13307412225
Web: www.chinazzxh.com

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I & H Indurstrial Equipment

Add:Zhongnan metal Big market, NO.1,Tiedonglu shifeng District,Zhuzhou City,China
Web: www.chinazzxh.com

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